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Client Testimonials

"Straight no-chaser but with experience and the knowledge to back it up is what you will get when you choose Trina as your life/career coach. If you need guidance or just feel a little stuck or unsure, you have come to the right place. Trina will not only guide you with what you need but it will be with honesty, integrity, and just the right amount of nurturing you need to find your way. I personally can attest to her guidance supporting me in some really big life decisions and I can say that without her guidance and support I would have been stuck."
Keishia N. Niblack
The Align with your Best Self course has been life-altering for me in all the ways. I attended this course broken, depressed, and without a positive ending in sight for my journey.

Vulnerability and honesty from me is all that it took for Katrina to begin working her magic. Her empathic personality combined with her skilled coaching, genuinely caring nature, and deep desire to help women allowed her to reach me where I was. She met me at my lowest and gave me the tools to begin crawling out of the hole I had dug myself into for so long. Katrina has played a very intricate role in my life—physically, spiritually and mentally.
Not only that, she accomplished this in a short 12-week period. I now feel equipped—and ready to take my life on...head on! I no longer feel like a victim of my life or my life's circumstances. And if I ever do...I'll remember my WHY! I thank you Katrina...but thank you is just not enough.
J. Dauterive
Coach Trina is very gifted, talented and insightful visionary who uses her own life's challenges to help other women reach their life purpose and full potential. It is through her ability to use her own lessons to develop a connection with others that makes her fantastic. She is an authentic, transparent, amazing coach!
M. Johnson